Our Services

Our expanding organisation is going from strength to strength but the personal touch is never lost. This is achieved through having a local office and a local management team close to you, meaning all of our services are provided with sensitivity and are individualised to the needs of the people within the local community.

Our Services

We all need support at particular times in our lives. Whether young or old it is becoming more and more difficult to rely on the people around us to fully support those needs. You and your aspirations are our focus. It is relatively straightforward for Safehands to support you in meeting simple daily tasks, such as washing, dressing and eating but there is much more to life than the everyday routine. Your needs and aspirations are at the centre of everything we do and this approach has helped us earn a quality assured reputation within the communities that Safehands operates in. We provide visits from as little as 30 minutes a day, all the way up to 24 hour live in care. Our services are now provided in England and Wales.

Scope of our service

Our service exists to enable adults over 18 with physical disabilities or health problems to live independently in their own homes and within the community, by offering them an alternative choice from residential or hospital care when they need help and support. We also offer support to children with disabilities and their families by enabling the parents to have respite whilst we carer for your child either in the home environment or through social activities in the community.


We can offer you care at the time of day you require, to enable you to go to day centres, work or keep appointments. We are available from 7am — 10pm 7 days a week.


Because everybody’s needs, abilities and choices vary, our service must be flexible, to meet the needs of individual people; the service we provide will depend on your requirements and choices, as well as our ability to meet those needs and preferences with the staff available at that time.

Care Plan

Before we begin providing a service we will asses your needs and undertake other assessments to highlight any risks involved in meeting those needs. We will agree with you how we will work together to arrange your care, this will be written up in a care plan.


The list below indicates the type of services we are able to provide. Please click on the links to see more details. Some of the tasks may be carried out routinely while others will be subjected to consideration as may need specialist training. We are aware that no list of services can be completely exhaustive and we are always willing to adapt or expand the services we offer to suit individual requirements. If you don’t see something listed opposite that you think you might need, ask us!

The type of care we offer

We can arrange care for people who may need help and support, such as:
  • Older people who need some help with getting up in the morning, or going to bed.
  • Couples who would like some assistance for their partner such as keeping on top of household chores.
  • People with a physical disability who may need assistance.
  • People who have higher levels of care needs but do not wish to go into residential care choose our Live-in Care Service.
  • Sometimes when someone has been discharged from hospital after illness or an operation, they will contact us for short term help until they are feeling fit again.
  • Everyone enjoys some time to themselves and so we can take them out for a couple of hours.
  • Sometimes a weekly pampering session appeals. A visit to the hair salon or the shops can be food for the soul.
Personal Care
Respite Care
Community Support Services